Soon-to-wed couple shares experience and tips for pre-wedding photo shoot

pre-wedding photo shoot Laguna Beach, Los Angeles
30 July 2017

If you’re considering a pre-wedding photo shoot, as is all the rage these days, wrap your eyes around this blog. I recently teamed up with the young and very talented Farshad Studios in a pre-wedding photo and video shoot for soon-to-be-newlyweds Cyrus and Katy at Laguna Beach, Los Angeles. 

Cyrus & Katy's pre-wedding photo shoot in Los Angeles from Ali G Studios.

The couple was kind enough to share their thoughts about the experience, which I hope will serve as a useful guide for anyone else thinking about pre-wedding photography. 

pre-wedding photo shoot Laguna Beach, Los Angeles

How did they find me?

Cyrus is Persian, as am I. He lives in California, but we met for the first time a few years ago when he and then-girlfriend Katy came to Hong Kong, where I’m now based. When they saw via my Instagram and Facebook page that I was coming to LA in May, they decided to make the trip from their home in San Diego for a pre-wedding photo shoot. “We couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a photo shoot done by one of the best photographers in Asia,” said Katy. Thanks, guys! *BLUSH*

Why did they choose pre-wedding photography?

The beauty of doing a shoot before, they told me, is that they can use the pre-wedding photos on their wedding invitation and also have the photos and video running during their big day.

pre-wedding photo shoot Laguna Beach, Los Angeles

How did they feel before and during the shoot?

Both Cyrus and Katy admit to being a little nervous before the shoot, having never done anything like this before. However, they were well prepared by the time the day came, as I’d spent some time coaching them on what to expect and even helping them choose their outfits over WhatsApp. I’m not a fan of typical stiff poses, so my job was to put them in situations where they could naturally interact and be themselves.

“It was exciting, fun and overall an amazing experience” said Cyrus. “Without even seeing the pictures or video, we knew they are going to turn out fantastic.”

pre-wedding photo shoot Laguna Beach, Los Angeles

pre-wedding photo shoot Laguna Beach, Los Angeles

Which photo was their favorite?

I think we got some really nice, natural looking couple shots in our short session at Laguna Beach. The standout shot was undeniably the one with the couple silhouetted against crashing waves and a breathtaking sunset. Unsurprisingly this was the couple’s favorite too. “Just an incredible shot,” said Katy.

What’s their advice for other couples considering a pre-wedding shoot?

Katy’s top tip for couples considering a pre-wedding photo shoot is to spend some time researching professionals. “Picking the right photographer and videographer makes a huge difference. These are your precious moments etched in time for eternity,” she added.  

As for me, I spend approximately 3 months out of the year traveling for destination weddings and pre-wedding photo shoots, so please get in touch if you’d like to set up a shoot for you and your loved ones.

pre-wedding photo shoot Laguna Beach, Los Angeles

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